New Anthologies from the Furry Historical Fiction Society!

I have new two short stories published. Both ebooks and paperbacks are available.

Priest of Lillies in When The World Was Young

Akachi is trying to protect the jackal village that is home but he needs a Priest of Lilies. With everything to lose, he demands the powerful spirit Monsoon transform a jackal into a suitable priest.

A Perfectly Normal Day in In the Light of the Dawn

The sun is rising from the ocean swells into a blue horizon streaked with wispy clouds and a warm, salty wind ruffles though my ear tufts. Before me, the city of Portus Agrillae Rubrae sprawls out from red hills, gently sloping towards a stone-walled harbor. A sea of red tiles glowing in the sunrise.

It’s going to be a beautiful day.

Reclamation Project – Year One available for purchase!

Includes my story Dark Garden Lake.

Dark Garden Lake is a bittersweet story about Moshi, a cyborg painted dog, created by the Reclamation Project, who is given the mission to kill the furred folk terrorist, Landolf. He is terribly lonely as he plays a political long game that requires him to take actions that weigh on his soul. He finds comfort in the unlikely arms of a hyena prostitute hired by his handler.

Which got a glowing review!

“Dark Garden Lake” was like eating a professionally cooked meal; mouth-watering from start to finish, and saddening because you wish you could eat the whole thing again.

Ardy Hart, FurryBookReview

Paperback: FurPlanet
E-Book: BadDogBooks
Review: FurryBookReview