Notes on Lukan Sexual Anatomy

I’ve omitted the adult content warning popup for this article because it is presented scientifically without any explicit content. The title should be warning enough.

Sometimes you world build too far and discover something interesting. In this case, female canine genitalia has some fascinating differences from other species.

Before I get into the differences, some background on how this came about. My Port Themis Station science fiction universe has humans, Canids, and Lukans. The Lukan genome is a blend of human and painted dog DNA. The genomes of the various Canid species are also a fusion of human and canine DNA. However there are important differences. As one of my characters explains.

All of the Canid breeds come from the same genetic template. They are mostly humans with fur—two breasts, plantigrade feet, full color vision, and so forth.

Lukans weren’t created from the same template. We were engineered to be more animal-like than Canids are—digitigrade feet, limited color vision, and so on.

Our form was made for Stormhaven’s high methane, low oxygen atmosphere because the world is ill-suited for humans. All attempts to build domes resulted in catastrophic fires and the oxygen levels are too low for humans or canids to survive without them. So, they created Lukans to do their work for them.

Caleb Bin-Jahel Nori of Stormhaven

As you can see, there are significant differences in the anatomy between Lukans and Canids. These differences extend to their sexual characteristics. This leads to an awkward conversation between two characters.

None of the Lukans on board have noticeable . . . um . . . breasts.

Milo Yang of Earth

Lukan secondary sex characteristics are different from humans. Females don’t develop noticeable breasts unless they are pregnant or pseudo-pregnant.

Caleb Bin-Jahel Nori of Stormhaven

What this scene omits is Lukan have 6 or 7 rows of nipples from their diaphragm to the base of their torso. This mirrors their painted dog progenitors.

And of course, we wouldn’t have this article if those changes also didn’t extend to their genitalia. Lukan males have the usual furry canine equipment: sheath, knot, etc. Lukan females are also nearly identical to canines. This is an unpopular choice in the furry community but it follows the established world building of Lukans being significantly more animalistic in their biology.

All of this brings up the question of why I even bothered to include this detail in my world bible. Well, when you’re designing advanced space suits for Lukans, that include plumbing, this detail comes up.

So why go any further? Well I did happen to start working on an adult piece in this universe. The question became, just how different are Lukan females? Male canine anatomy is well studied in the fandom. I haven’t had much luck with female anatomy.

So, I turned to science. Science has a way of asking questions that no one would ever think to ask and I am deeply in debt to veterinary medicine for researching a topic that was vital to this article: Male and female anatomical homologies in the perineum of the dog (Canis familiaris). (Warning: there are a lot of dissection pictures)

So, let’s get to the meat of this article. As I understand it, male and female dogs basically have the same muscle structures in different places. Many of the erectile structures in male dogs are mirrored in female dogs.

When a male inserts his member into a female, a lot of things happen. The female’s vagina walls will swell and constrict the male’s shaft, while the vulva swells tightly behind the male’s knot. This is what forms the “tie” that happens in most canids. Notably, dholes do not tie and painted dogs have a very brief tie, usually less than five minutes.

There is one more detail I find interesting, especially for any adult pieces I write involving Lukans. A female dog’s vulva is three folds of an erectile tissue with no inner lips. As a result, their clitoris is deeper inside the vulva than it would be for a human. During intercourse, the folds that cover the clitoris retract, and during the tie, the clitoris rubs against the male’s knot.

While a detail like this seems insignificant or even too vulgar to explore, it changes a story even when it’s not on screen. A Lukan’s sexual experience is different than a human’s, which change how their society sees sex. Taboos may change. No matter the outcome, the world is richer for it.

I hope you found this as interesting as I did. Or at the very lest, entertaining.

The primary source for this article is a research paper titled Male and female anatomical homologies in the perineum of the dog (Canis familiaris). (Warning: there are a lot of dissection pictures)

This article was written with my best attempt to be accurate. Should any of this information be incorrect, please email and include any additional relevant sources if you have them. I love reading papers and learning new things.

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